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Planning a wedding is a truly exciting time that also comes with a lot of work and a LOT of research. My goal is to help ease your beauty vendor search by providing as much information as possible about our services and booking process. 

So let's dive right in with the most popular questions I get asked during the initial inquiry.


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How far in advance should I book?

The average couple book their wedding vendors at least 10 months in advance, with some couples booking up to 18 months ahead of their wedding day. 


When should I confirm the final number of services?  

Ideally we have a final headcount at least 6 weeks out from the big day to guarantee we have enough available artists to accommodate all services.


Are trials required?

A trial is not required to book a wedding, but it is highly encouraged.

Where do trials take place?

Trials are held on location. We travel to your home or the location of your preference. We bring everything needed and set up our tools and kits exactly like we do for a wedding. This way allows us to best advise based on space, best lighting, and number of people; giving you a better understanding on what the morning of your wedding would look like. 

Can I book a trial before signing a contract?

If you wish to book a trial prior to signing a contract, your wedding date will be temporarily secured in our calendar up until 48 hours after your appointment has been completed. In this case, the trial must be booked within two weeks from the initial contact email as we are unable to hold dates without a signed contract and a retainer.


What do your services include?

All our services include ongoing communication during the booking process and up to the big day, day-of service schedule outlining slots for arrival, individual appointments for additional services, and exact time of completion of services, additional artist management, plus the How to prepare for the big day and Skin Prep guides.

In addition, all artists have a fully stocked hair and makeup kit, makeup lights, and high chairs in some cases.

What does Makeup include?

- Option of regular long lasting foundation or HD waterproof airbrush foundation for everyone in the party.

- Option of individual or full strip lashes.

- Tattoo covering and/or body spray if needed.

There are no price adjustments if lashes or airbrush are not requested.*

What does Hair include?

- Hairstyling for all lengths and textures.

- Hair extension placement (extensions provided by the client).

- Assistance with veil, and hair accessories.


What if my party is not big enough to cover the 5 service minimum?

Check out our "Elopement" option.


Pro tip: Include your Grooms, Bridesmates, and/or Groomsmen in the headcount to help you reach the minimum number of services.


Why is it more expensive to book an Elopement?

When working a wedding, artists block the whole day and usually decline other bookings in order to be fully available for our couples. The price for this option guarantees your artist blocks a full day of work, and they are not rushing out the door to get to their next appointment. 

This also opens the possibility to keep them for touch-ups through-out the day if weather conditions are not ideal.


Do you have additional artists fees?

No additional artist fees are required unless the 5 service minimum per artist is not met.  

While no gratuity is required, 20% is industry standard and customary for good service. Gratuity is calculated on total services, not balance due


What do travel fees include?

- For locations outside our main service areas, travel fees are calculated per artist based on round trip to the getting ready location. $100 per hour of travel per artist covers compensation for our artist's time on the road, gas, tolls, and rental car fees in some cases.

What are your main service areas?

- NYC, Westchester County, and Fairfield County, CT


Why are hotel accommodations required?

Let's be honest - nobody wants to get their hair and makeup done by someone who can barely stay awake because they woke up at 3 a.m. to travel to the location (and is solely functioning on the magical powers of over-caffeinated drinks).

Traveling can be very draining, and although we are more than happy to travel to any location, we also want to make sure we are rested before jumping into artist mode. Our craft is physically demanding, sometimes being on our feet for more than 8 hours at a time. Having a place to land and rest after lengthy travel is necessary in order to bring our "A" game to the morning of your wedding.


What type of payments do you accept?

MasterCard, Visa, and direct payments via Zelle.

How do payments work?

- A 30% non-refundable retainer is due in order to hold your date in our calendar. The remaining balance can be broken into 4 installments.

When is the last payment due?

2 weeks (14 days) before the wedding day.

Do you take separate payments from individual attendees?

Payments are required to be submitted by the main booking contact person in one lump sum to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings.



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