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How to Be Fully Prepared for your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

Learn how to prepare for your hair and makeup trial from New York and Connecticut wedding hair and makeup expert

Let's face it, finding the ideal hair and makeup artist in New York and Connecticut is not easy. With so many artists out there it could take endless hours researching and emailing back and forth to narrow down your search. So you finally pull the trigger and book a team whose aesthetic aligns with your wedding vision. What is the next step? Booking your hair and makeup trial of course!

But how do you make sure you are well prepared for this appointment? This is a question that I get asked often, and not being properly prepared can ruin your experience and send you directly back to ground zero. Being fully ready for your hair and makeup trial will help your stylist better understand your vision and needs, and by working together and not leaving it all to your beauty expert you will be setting yourself up for success at achieving the wedding look of your dreams.

So if you are ready to book your hair and makeup trial follow this post will guide you step by step to know exactly how to prepare for your hair and makeup trial and achieve the best possible results.

New York wedding hair and makeup artists

Wear White

YES, it is important to wear white. If you want to get a real sense of what your hair and makeup will look like against your wedding gown, then wearing a similar color on your trial day is highly recommended


If possible, bring as many accessories as you might have. Earrings, necklaces, veil, head pieces, etc. If you are not sure about what you will wear yet, bring options and try them all! Having your hair and makeup done will help you make a decision in creating a cohesive look.

Get Inspired

Always come prepared with inspiration pictures. When looking for hair and makeup ideas, look for models with similar complexion and hair color to yours. Not everything looks good on everyone and the key is in adjusting our expectations based on what is possible

Wash and dry your hair

Showing up to your appointment with clean and dry hair will save your stylist time that can be allotted to trying a second or maybe a third style. If you have several hairstyles that you would like to try, it is within your best interest to take this steps ahead of time. Skipping leave-in conditioners and other styling products is also recommended so your stylist gets familiar with your hair's natural texture.

wedding hair and makeup artists in Connecticut

Hair removal

Trim and shape your eyebrows. Make sure to give them some love as they are the main frame of your eyes, to ensure your skin is smooth but not irritated get waxed or thread procedures at least 48 hours before your appointment

Prep Your Skin

Make sure you prepare your skin prior to every makeup application, if you are not sure how to, stick to a basic skincare routine or consult a certified esthetician who can recommend a plan to follow based on your skin's needs leading up to your wedding day .


Use an oil instead of soap. Using harsh cleansers with a soap base can really damage your skin barrier and irritate your dermis. The oil cleansing method balances oil production, heals acne and melts your makeup right off while nourishing and hydrating your skin leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. You can find more information on this method here.


Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells that have built up on the surface of the skin. It’s key in helping your skin stay clean and smooth. in addition to prepping your skin before makeup application. 

Prep your skin before your makeup trial


Serums are the most effective products to help rebuild your skin barrier, relieve dehydration, dryness, redness, and malnourishment in your skin. Serums are loaded with so many different nutrients, and because of their smaller molecular makeup it makes them better able to penetrate your skin, serums are the most effective beauty product to which you can treat your face.

Moisturize your skin before your makeup trial


Creating a seal on the skin surface prevents water from escaping. Moisturizers make the skin feel smoother and less dry. Your skin needs hydration (water) and moisturizers (oils) to be balanced and have a healthy glow.

My absolute favorite Water Oil from Sonia Roselli marries oil and water together to create the most amazing facial oil you will ever experience. A must-have for over-40 skin, but also great for all skin types. 


Ice rollers help blood vessels to contract and pores to tighten, when return to normal temperature, blood flow and oxygen increase making skin look glowy and vibrant. The rush of blood and oxygen can also make the face look  less swollen and more taut.


Hydrating your skin is just like hydrating your body: Your body needs hydration to look and feel its best and, no matter your skin type, so does your skin.


Once you are moisturized and relaxed, you are well on your way to receive the best treatment from your beauty team. Take the time to get a cool refreshing glass of water, and use your appointment as the time to hydrate your skin from within.

For a collection of products I ALWAYS carry in my kit and that I personally use to achieve healthy and younger looking skin every day visit


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